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There is no maybe about it; is the webs premier resource for government and military pressure washing needs. We offer wholesale pricing on large orders of all of our products. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments or queries you may have regarding any of our power washing systems and cleaning solution methods.

Special Models
tow pressure washer
Wherever you need to use your pressure washer, this unit will follow you! The 25006HHC gasoline pressure washer delivers 2500 PSI at 3.2 GPM. It comes with a 5-year warranty on the pump, 2-year on the engine. When it comes to really tough cleaning jobs in the military base, nothing removes dirt, grease, and grime like the belt driven high pressure washer. PP-EB4040HG model is gasoline operated cold water machine that features durability and simplicity of operation. Honda GX engine produces industrial strength cleaning power. Great for any type of application.
Diesel engines have long life and higher durability then any other machinery. These systems are equipped with triplex plunger oil-bath pump, for longer trouble-free life, and low r.p.m. engine to provide maximum cleaning performance. Plenty of power for tough jobs. With Ultimate Washer products you will get highest quality components and construction combined with competitive prices that insures the product value. Is your division deployed overseas in a military operation in Iraq or Afghanistan? Do you need a reliable heavy duty pressure washing system? Our dependable equipment will give you 8+ hours/day of operation in the harsh, humid, desert dusty environments - and it will not let you down. Ask our pressure washer professionals to prepare for you a 12 or 24 months maintenance parts package so that your crew can have a secure and uninterrupted operation.
wall mount pressure
For big jobs where there's no power or water supply readily available, we offer extra-large units, like wall mounted cleaning systems. Extra-long hoses extend reach and are less cumbersome when paired with those of a wall mounted unit, like the one displayed in the picture. Wall mounted units allow long, uninterrupted and smooth cleaning operation. 2000XAR – electric powered unit will provide medium strength pressure for light to medium size cleaning jobs. It is equipped with the ground fault current interrupter for operator safety. The motor is built in a TEFM (totally enclosed fan-cooled motor), so it is excellent for use in a very humid and wet environments. Non-marking hoses can be used or dragged across any type of surface (tile, marble, car, concrete etc.) without any worries about possible rubber marks left behind. Special feature: 3 gallon chemical tank!


Ultimate Washer offers the following advantages to assist you in your purchase:

  • I.M.P.A.C. Visa cards accepted for all purchases
  • SmartPay Government credit cards accepted
  • Fast delivery
  • No minimum purchase requirements
  • Manufacturer technical assistance available
  • All Pressure Washers fall under FSC 4940 class and use NSN# 4940-01-085-0523 and 444210 (Retailing outdoor power equipment via electronic home shopping, mail-order, or direct sale--are classified in Subsector 454, Nonstore Retailers;)
  SmartPay Credit Card

SHIPPING CAPABILITIES : Ultimate Washer can ship to our customers many ways.

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • All major trucking companies
  • FOB anywhere in the Continental US including Military Holding Stations and Consolidation Points
  • Shipping also available to International Locations

Please call Toll Free 866-858-4982 for availability and pricing on any item you may need.


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telescoping extension wands

Telescoping Wand
From: $171.75
When searching for high-end pressure washer tools, the telescoping wand is the ultimate equipment that will give you thorough and reliable cleaning every single time. They are great for cleaning gutters, roofs, high walls and other washing jobs. Gutter cleaners work in conjunction with the telescoping wands.

ball valve

Ball Valve Kit
From: $51.85
Ball valve allows the user to temporarily stop the water flow through the pressure hose (without shutting down the machine) and change quickly between spray gun and other attachments such as flat surface cleaners, extension wands, and water brooms.