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From essential cleaning for low budget to extreme pressure washing, Ultimate Washer has the right power washer for your needs and budget.

Telescoping wands are ideal to clean the exterior walls of your house and remove high located dust, dirt, or bird residual. You can find different sizes of Telescoping wands extending from 6 to 24 feet long. As well, you can attach a Gutter Cleaner that will allow you to remove leaves from your gutters without climbing on the roof. These powerful tools come in a wide range of sizes and styles. They use either hot or cold water, and work in conjunction with the pressure washer. Surface cleaner are powerful in cleaning driveways, concrete floors, roofs, boat ramps, garage floors, boat decks and more.


Pressure washers usually have three or four nozzles with spray patterns of varying widths. However, the rotary turbo nozzles introduce a rotating/spinning motion that adds the scrubbing power to the water spray. Attach the rotary nozzle to the wand for deep cleaning, and then test the effect on the surface being cleaned. The spray should clean away all dirt and grime with ease. Clean and very easy to maneuver, they are perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. Electric pressure washers will work on wood, concrete, granite, asphalt, bricks, aluminum…


The best way to clean a house from dust, dirt, or bird residuals. Equipped with 9 HP HONDA engine, it produces up to 9,000 cleaning units. Gets your dirty surfaces under control before mold, mildew, grime and oil stains take control over your house. Pressure washing houses should also be done when you want to prepare walls for new paint by removing a chalking residue from old oil or latex paint. It is equipped with 11-13 HP HONDA engine that produces up to 14,000 cleaning units. You can choose between the usual direct drive pumps and belt driven pumps, that are designed with higher durability.

We must stress, however, that all of our pressure washers and accessories are fully tested and comply with all standards, and lower quality alternatives are offered simply to offer a perfect product for lower budgets. The actual quality of the product is still more than sufficient for the average residential user.

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