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What Our Pressure Washers and Water Vacuums Can Do For Your Vehicle

The pressure washer application will determine whether flow rate or pressure is a more important factor in your purchase. Flow rate dictates how much water is available to remove the dirt; pressure determines how hard the water hits the surface. Generally, a high flow rate is critical when cleaning horizontal surfaces such as driveways because the high volume of water helps to flush away the loosened dirt. However, pressure is more important when cleaning vertical surfaces because gravity helps remove the debris. Fortunately, pressure washer technology has matured and consumer demand has risen in recent years, so you can now buy a very respectable unit at an affordable price.

From essential cleaning to extreme pressure washing, Ultimate Washer has the right power washer for your needs and budget.

Gas-powered pressure washers offer the portability necessary for outdoor work while providing higher pressures and flows for more industrial applications. They don't require cumbersome power cords and generally have longer life expectancy. Flat surface cleaner / scrubber – is great for cleaning large surfaces quickly and evenly. Use it for refrigerated semi trailer floors, loading docks, warehouse floors and sidewalks. The benefits of using these products are clear, effective shorter working times, enormous energy savings, and long useful life due to their high industrial quality.


Wet and Dry Vacuum
Electric pressure washers have safety features necessary when working near water such as double insulation, totally enclosed motors, and a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). Electric pressure washers can be used indoors because they do not generate carbon monoxide. Electric motors are quieter then gasoline or diesel machines, and they come with a 2-year warranty. Industrial Vacuum - is the powerful, rugged and compact vacuum cleaner you would need. The corrosion resistant tank allows you to work outdoor and dry any surface. You can easily move with the smooth rolling four swivel caster design. The Ball-bearing motor is designed for strong performance with less motor strain.


trailer hot pressure washer
concentrate mix
Hot water trailer pressure washers. The 3000TRDHT model is the workhorse of the Ultimate Washer hot water line with cleaning power of up to 3000 PSI. Protected by a rugged trailer built of 14-inch steel, the 3000TRDHT boasts the highest quality throughout with industrial-grade Honda 13 HP engine, 14” tubed pneumatic tires, tri-plunger, oil bath. Super Film Remover is primarily designed for car washing and light dirt or road film. This great cleaning solution comes in 1 and 5 gallon containers.

Ultimate Washer offers the following advantages to assist you in your purchase:

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gasoline pressure washers
Gasoline Engine Hot Water Unit - diesel fired burners
BV Series- 2500PSI-4000PSI The BV gasoline engine series are the most portable and maneuverable units in the industry. Versatility with features such as interchangeable wheel configurations allows you to accommodate your individual needs. The top-quality, durable construction provides years of reliability, dependability and low total cost of ownership.
telescoping extension wands

Telescoping Wand
From: $171.75
When searching for high-end pressure washer tools, the telescoping wand is the ultimate equipment that will give you thorough and reliable cleaning every single time. They are great for cleaning gutters, roofs, high walls and other washing jobs. Gutter cleaners work in conjunction with the telescoping wands.

ball valve

Ball Valve Kit
From: $51.85
Ball valve allows the user to temporarily stop the water flow through the pressure hose (without shutting down the machine) and change quickly between spray gun and other attachments such as flat surface cleaners, extension wands, and water brooms.