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Water Pumps - Transfer and Trash Pumps

transfer pump

Transfer Pumps

You can use any of this PowerFLO Series diaphragm pumps in typical applications such as RVs, Carpet Cleaning, Construction equipment, Agriculture spraying equipment. They are useful every time you need to transfer fluid between two points (from water tank to pressure washer, from vacuum to lake...).

Submersibe Trash Pump

Submersible Trash Pumps

The submersible trash pump does not need to be primed, using an unique design submersible pump head. There is no need for suction hoses, these models come with everything you need for general purpose dewatering up to 277 gallons per minute. A submersible trash pump has a flex shaft that is engine driven.

water pumps

Trash Pumps

Do you need an effective, reliable and easy to operate heavy-duty unit? When you need a pump, it's often to get water out of the way so your crew can get back to work. At Ultimate Washer you will find a complete selection of trash pumps that can be used for many different tasks. Our models can draw water from lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, and city water. We supply Honda trash pumps designed for high-volume and industrial purposes.

Diesel Water Pump

Diesel Water Pumps

These semi trash water pumps are ideal for industrial or agricultural appications for excellent fuel consumption. Diesel powered motor from 6 to 10 HP depending on model.

Dewatering Pumps

Dewatering Pumps

Dewatering pumps are iIdeal for general purpose dewatering, irrigation, spraying, washdown and agricultural applications.

Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm pumps are designed to be medium pressure and low volume pumps for pest control, lawn care, agricultural, foam insulation applications - depending on diaphragm pump model.

Dredging Pumps

Dredging Pumps

Dredging pump is designed for pumping saltwater and fresh water containing 25% sand, debris and other abrasive particles. Perfect for marine applications including dredging, pile driving, pier maintenance, emergency bilging, and wash down.

High Pressure Water Pumps

High Pressure Water Pumps

The portable commercial duty high pressure water pump is perfect for use in providing home fire protection or irrigation application. The industrial duty high pressure pump is designed to handle lawn sprinkling, agricultural spraying, dewatering, fire fighting, emergency water supply and pressure boosting.

Hydraulic Centrifugal Pumps

Hydraulic Centrifugal Pumps

Available in various pressure and flow rates. This can be managed by affecting the oil flow and pressure from your hydraulic motor.

Ram Pumps

Reciprocating Process Pumps

CAT Ram pumps are large capacity, quality, high pressure, reciprocating, corrosion resistant, process pumps and pumping system for various oil and gas process and desalination applications.

Solids Handling Pump

Solid Handling Pumps

These solids handling pumps are excellent in the application of high volume liquid transfer, irrigation, commercial draining and construction.

Submersible Water Pumps

Submersible Water Pumps

An electric submersible water pump uses a hermetically sealed motor closely coupled to the pump body. The whole assembly is submerged in the water to be pumped. Common applications for this type of pump include drainage, sewage, or slurry pumping.

Aluminum Camlock Fittings, Polypro Camlock Fittings

Polypro & Aluminum Camlock Fittings

Available in wide variety of sizes from 3/4" to 4" designed for water pumps. You can choose from Type A, B, C, D, E, F, DC, DP aluminum camlock fittings or polypropylene camlock fittings for your trash pumps.

Pressure Washer Pumps

unloader valves

Unloader Valves - Pressure Regulators

The pressure cleaner's unloader valve functions as a safety device. Unloader valves control the direction of the flow of water exiting the pump.

High Pressure AR pumps Annovi Reverberi Logo

Pressure Washers AR Pumps

Browse our A.R. high pressure plunger pumps and accessories. They serving a diverse mix of industrial, commercial and residential end markets.

CAT Pressure Washer Pump CAT Pumps Logo

Pressure Washers CAT Pumps

Browse our large variety of industrial rated CAT Pumps and repair kits for pressure washers. Built in Japan, CAT PUMPS has become one of the world leader of industrial, reciprocating, high-pressure, triplex plunger pumps. The high quality components, exceptionally long lasting seals and field-proven dependability have made them the pump of choice where continuous-duty performance and low-maintenance are priorities.

comet pump Comet Logo

Pressure Washers COMET Pumps

Browse our large variety of industrial rated COMET Pumps and repair kits for pressure washers. Built in Italy, most of the models comes with a 5 year warranty.
Read more: Comet Pumps can Deliver Under Pressure

high pressure pumps General Pump Logo

Pressure Washers GENERAL Pumps

Browse our large variety of industrial rated GENERAL Pumps and repair kits for pressure washers. With over 3.5 million high pressure plunger pumps in service globally, they're known for design ingenuity, outstanding material quality, and superior construction. Whether it's a general purpose model, a water jetting type, or a stainless steel version built specifically to thrive in the harshest of chemical environments, every General Pump is tested at the factory before it's approved for shipment.

GIANT Triplex Plunger Pumps GIANT Pump Logo

Pressure Washers GIANT Pumps

These Giant triplex plunger pumps have great quality construction that are used in extreme operating conditions. Browse our large variety of triplex plunger pumps and repair kits.

High Pressure Pumps Self Priming Pumps Kranzle Logo

Pressure Washers KRANZLE Pumps

Browse our KRANZLE Pumps and repair kits for pressure washers. The Kranzle pump can run without water or idle in bypass for hours without damage, preventing expensive accidents caused by operator error.

Legacy HD Pumps Legacy Logo

Pressure Washers LEGACY Pumps

High-pressure Legacy HD pumps are the strongest and most durable pump in the market. These heavy-duty Legacy HD pumps are designed and engineered exclusively for pressure washers.

BE Pressure Pumps BE Pressure Logo

Pressure Washers BE Pumps

BE direct drive pumps have built in unloaders and come as fully assembled with a chemical injector. They can be rebuilt just like any other industrial pump, but at a fraction of the cost. Designed in Italy and produced in China for high quality and low price.

Pump Maintenance

Replacement Pumps for Hotsy, Landa, Shark and Karcher Models

Use this reference chart to find a replacement pump for your pressure washer based on your model number.

Replacement Water Pumps

Pump Maintenance Reference Guide

Your reference guide on pump maintenance and diagnosis, service guides on how to replace pump valves, ceramic plungers, seal kit, and removing pump head. Check out on how to avoid cavitation damage to your pump.

Chemical Sprayers

chemical sprayer

Pro Chemical Sprayer

Sprays up to 35 feet. This Ready To Use unit quickly applies chemicals to vertical and horizontal surfaces.

electric chemical sprayer

Electric Industrial Chemical Sprayer

Excellent pre-prep chemical applicator. Operator simply squeezes trigger for instant application.

Hygiene / Disinfecting Chemical Sprayer

Hygiene / Disinfecting Chemical Sprayer

Provides accurate proportioning of chemicals where precision application is needed.

Stainless Steel Tank Sprayers

Stainless Steel Tank Sprayers

For easy and no waste chemical applications, these stainless steel tank sprayers are right for you.

Hand-Held Sprayers

Hand-Held Sprayers

Choose from various size hand held sprayers to suit your chemical application needs. All models are high quality professional grade sprayers designed with high grade seals and plastic for long term and safe use.

Backpack Sprayers

Backpack Sprayers

Backpack sprayers are constructed on high density polyethylene and other chemical resistant materials. This line of chemical sprayers are designed for comfort and efficiency.


Low-Pressure Chemical Sprayers

Level action piston pump with quick fitting harness. Handheld, backpack, ATV spot sprayers as well as industrial-duty acid sprayers available.

Air Compressors & Tools

Gas and Electric Air Compressors

Gas and Electric Air Compressors

We offer a selection of good quality and dependable gas air compressor and electric air compressors that is designed to meet the needs of residential and commercial users.

Electric Air Compressors

Electric Air Compressors

These electric air compressors are used by businesses and homeowners. Direct drive electric air compressors are available in different configuration and sizes depending on your application.

Industrial Air Compressors

Gas Industrial Air Compressors

These are gas driven industrial air compressors which are good to use on remote areas or location that electricity is not available.

Air Compressor Power Tools

Air Compressor Power Tools

Choosing the right air compressor and tools may seem simple but it can be confusing. We have put together some good information to ensure you can match up the appropriate compressor with the right tool set for your job.

Air Compressor Accessories

Air Compressor Accessories

Find your ideal combination and functionality with the right air compressor accessories. These air compressor replacement parts such as blow guns, oil drain kits, air hoses, and air chucks are some of the critical elements to increase productivity and efficiency.

Acoustic Sound Curtains

Acoustic Sound Curtains

Less expensive alternative to metal enclosures or walls. These acoustic sound curtains are portable and can reduce up to 47 decibel levels and allow for an effective way to partition workspace.

Infrared Heaters / Electric Heaters

infrared heaters

Infrared Space Heaters

These infrared heaters can start up or shut off in seconds and reach peak efficiency in less than a minute. Since they don't lose heat to the air, it uses less fuel and BTU's to go way beyond the comfort level of any standard portable heater.

Portable Space Heaters

Portable Space Heaters

These portable space heaters can deliver instant heat when you need it. We have various fuel options available such as kerosene and propane / natural gas space heaters.

Steam Generators / Electric Heaters

Steam Generators, Low Pressure Boiler

Steam Generators - Low Pressure Boiler

Steam generators are source of low pressure steam for commercial and industrial applications. These low pressure boilers are used for speeding up the curing or heating process with BTU/HR of 427,000 - 1,010,000 (depending on model).