DIY How-To's

DIY How-To's

Are you planning to modify or repair pressure washers and other related equipment without the aid of professionals or experts? Do you need to know basic information on how to do so? Don't look any further, you are in the right place!

Do It Yourself
Rebuild Rotary Turbo Nozzle
8 Easy Steps to Rebuilding Rotary Turbo Nozzle and Seat
Check out 8 simple how to guide for replacing/repairing/rebuilding rotary turbo nozzle and seat assembly.
Winterize Pressure Washer
How to Winterize Pressure Washers in 9 Easy Steps
Learn how to winterize a pressure washer properly in 9 steps. Follow our simple winterizing tips to prep your pressure washer for storage.

What Water Pressure Washer Should I Buy?
Here is a general guideline on how to make a wise choice for your investment.

How to Winterize Pressure Washers
Learn how to winterize your pressure washer during winter season.

Generator Maintenance
How to Maintain and Use Generators
Find resolutions to your most common questions for gasoline powered generator maintenance and usage.

Pump Oil Change
Perform a Pump Oil Change in 4 Easy Steps
Learn to perform a pump oil change in pressure washers. Whether you use a drain plug, suction gun or an oil change pump, this guide will walk you through the process in 4 easy steps.

Pressure Regulator
How to Set the Unloader Valve or Pressure Regulator
An unloader valve is the last line of defense for your pump if you leave your washer running and unattended. Learn how to install this device and prevent the cost of repairing/replacing your pump.
How to Use Chemical Sprayer
How to Use Chemical Sprayer
If you use or plan on using a chemical sprayer, follow these guidelines to keep your sprayer working like new. Tips for the correct application of chemicals are also provided.

How to Properly Size Sprayer Nozzles
How to Properly Size Sprayer Nozzles for a Surface Cleaner
Consult these instructions if you are unfamiliar with purchasing nozzles for your surface cleaner.

Airless Paint Sprayer
How to Determine What Kind of Airless Paint Sprayer Should I Use?
This is great information for any painter or contractor to utilize before investing in an airless paint sprayer.

Carwash Equipment Maintenance
Questions and Resolutions for Carwash Vacuums & Detailing Stations
Follow these easy to understand trouble-shooting tips if you experience a breakdown in your carwash vacuum or detailing station before you have to call a service technician.

StormWater Pollution Prevention
How to Prevent StormWater Pollution
Adhering to the guidelines presented here will likely keep you out of trouble and avoid paying fines when trying to dispose of your wastewater.

Wind Chill Chart
How to Determine Wind Chill and Frostbites Times
This easy-to-use chart graphs wind speed in mph against temperature in degrees Fahrenheit to show how much exposure at different temperatures it takes to contract frostbite. The graph also calculates wind chill factor.

Power Washer Tipover
If The Pressure Washer Tips Over
In the event your power washer tips over, follow these instructions to get your washer running properly again.

Graffiti Remover
Graffiti Remover
Use graffiti removers and a pressure pump to clean unwanted graffiti. Tips on how to use a graffiti remover.
How to Use Air Compressor
How to Use Air Compressors
Find out the basic information on how to use air compressors as well the the common tools to use it with.